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Scientific articles from our users.

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Title Hits
Electrochemical performance investigation of electrospun urchin-like V2O3-CNF composite nanostructure for vanadium redox flow battery Hits: 15
Preparation, characterization and mechanical properties of rare-earth-based nanocomposites Hits: 14
A new strain sensor based on electrospinning and thin film technologies Hits: 18
Nanostructured, highly aligned poly(hydroxy butyrate) electrospun fibers for differentiation of skeletal and cardiac muscle cells Hits: 19
Electrospinning of Polyaniline: Effect of Different Raw Sources Hits: 18
Are Electrospun Carbon/Metal Oxide Composite Fibers Relevant Electrode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries? Hits: 16
Adhesion and metabolic activity of human corneal cells on PCL based nanofiber matrices Hits: 15
The use of different alumina fillers for improvement of the mechanical properties of hybrid PMMA composites Hits: 15
Encapsulating darunavir nanocrystals within Eudragit L100 using coaxial electrospraying Hits: 13
Biomimetic polyurethane – Based fibrous scaffolds Hits: 15
A new approach to the synthesis of titania nano-powders enriched with very high contents of carbon nanotubes by electro-spinning Hits: 16
Electrospun Chitosan/Peo Nanofibers and Their Relevance in Biomedical Application Hits: 15
Multiscale characterization of antimicrobial poly(vinyl butyral)/titania nanofibrous composites Hits: 24
Preparation and mechanical characterization of polycaprolactone/graphene oxide biocomposite nanofibers Hits: 16
Electrospinning of laser dye Rhodamine B-doped poly(methyl methacrylate) nanofibers Hits: 18
The Analysis of Forming PVB-SiO2 Nanocomposite Fibers by the Electrospinning Process Hits: 13
Effect of electrospinning parameters on nanofiber diameter made of poly (vinyl alcohol) as determined by Atomic Force Microscopy Hits: 14
Nafion® Electro-Spun Reinforced Membranes for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Hits: 19
On the effect of non-carbon nanostructured supports on the stability of Pt nanoparticles during voltage cycling: A study of TiO2 nanofibres Hits: 16
Micro-Raman and photoluminescence analysis of composite vanadium oxide/poly-vinyl acetate fibres synthesised by electro-spinning Hits: 14


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