Special Luer needles - OD=1.0 mm L=20 mm, bent-90 deg, vertical rod, flat - 6 pcs

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The AISI 316 stainless steel needles with Luer connection are an essential accessory for any electrospinning activity.

The flat tip needles, compared to those with bevel tip, permit a more accurate control of the electrical field guaranteeing its absolute symmetry and reducing the local ionization (Corona effect) of the tip which can alter the solution when using high voltage values.

Perfect for dispensing fluids when you are using the RT Advanced and thanks to the vertical rod adjusts the electric field so as to align the fibers perpendicularly to the collector.



Connector material Metal
Connector type Luer lock - Female
Needle material stainless steel
Needle OD 1.0 mm
Needle lenght 20 mm
Tip type Flat
Bent 90 deg






Units in box: 1