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Custom developments

Custom developments

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Electrospinning process offer a unique possibility to create nanometric structures with macroscopic devices with great simplicity and velocity.
When high accuracy, special morphology and high production rate are required for industrial application all process pramater must be controlled with high accuracy to create best quality products. When standard feature of our devices are not enough to obtain optimal results we are ready to deeply customize our equipments and even to develop new one.
Linari have more than 15 year experience in industrial design of special equipments for R&D and industrial application. Every machine and accessories of our catalogue is fully designed, manufactured internally, including embedded software and web interface.
We can create custom collectors, chamber and needles to implement the best deposition strategy in plane, cylindircal and 3D geometries.
Our team is able to manage every technical challange about industrial automation including:
  • Product traking with RFID and QR code
  • Automatic visual inspection
  • Sistem integration with other equipments
  • Robotic arm
  • Pick and place system for loading/unloading collectors
  • Continuos thickness measurement
  • Laser marking
  • Software integration with MES and ERP

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