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Starter Kit 40kV Web

Starter Kit with a 40kV HV generator to start the electrospinning of nanofibers in one hour
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Secondary High Voltage generator can be integrated with RT Collector to provide a unique control system for motion and voltage control with sync capability

Starter Kit  40kV Web

Equipment suitable for first time users of electrospinning techniques or expert users who need a dedicated station to develop new materials.

It is possible to electrospin any type of synthetic, organic polymer or ceramic material, starting from solutions at room temperature.

The user can create deposits of nanofibers with chaotic structure (unwoven).

It is possible to produce up to 200 ml of solution per day.

Technical features of the device

  • Compact, easy to install, ready-to-use
  • Stand-alone solution
  • High voltage generator 40 kV, 15 W, compact generator to be installed directly in the hood
  • 3” LCD touch screen interface and remote access via web browser
  • A pump for single channel syringe with local control
  • Dielectric support for flat collectors

Technical advantages of the device

  • Flexibility: the user can, each time, create the best needle-collector configuration thanks to the absence of geometric restrictions of the device
  • No waste: the loading of the syringes is done without wasting solution due to the absence of flexible tubes that connect them to the needles
  • Second high voltage generator: thanks to the dielectric supports the collector remains insulated from the ground so that it can be connected to a second 40 kV or 60 kV high voltage generator, even with negative polarity
  • Reliability: the use of Omron Electronics industrial components for the control electronics guarantees the maximum reliability of the system also under heavy use conditions
  • Safety: automatic interruption of production in case of blackout or malfunction; safety limit switch to stop the high voltage in case the hood is opened


Put  High voltage generator directly inside your hood and control it from remote LCD or Web interface

  • Very short high voltage cable (50 cm);
  • NO installation and wiring, plug and play;
  • Low EMI interface with lab apparatus, all power section inside hood;
  • Voltage control by analog signals for customization


 Kit Components:

Cabinet Control system for HV generators . 3" LCD with web interface included  500(L)x250(W)x500(H)
40 KV /15W High voltage generator HVG-M40-ANALOG
Syringe pump KFT-NE300
Glass syringe SOC10-3pcs
Metallic needles NEL_0815_12PC
Dielectric vertical support for static collector SLEX200_300


Dimensions & Features:

Plane dimensions of HV generator
20 x 30 cm
Total height of HV generator
16 cm
Power supply 230/110V
Consumption power < 30 W
High voltage range 0 .. 40 kV
Magnetic door safety switch for HV interlock
Complete your Kit with static or rotating Collectors, coaxial needle and their supports Modular supports
Units in box: 1


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