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Rotating collector support

Sales price: 6240,00 €
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The best solution for research and industrial productions of nanofibers. New vertical setup to cut noise and lab space.

Sales price: 64480,00 €
Syringe pumps Number of integrated syringe pumps
Rotary collectors Number of independent motor for rotary collector
System interface Type of interface available to manage device
High speed grip High speed grip with mandrel motor up to 3000 rpm
Enviromental air conditioner system for electrospinning chamber Temperature control from room temperature to 50°C
rt collector web

RT Collector Web: High speed roto - traslating collector isolated up to 50 kV. Fully digital control of motion and HV generators

Sales price: 16000,00 €
Control of High Voltage generators Number of analogue high voltage generators driven from RT Collector control system
System interface Type of interface available to manage device

Starter Kit with a 40KV HV generator to start the electrospinning of nanofibers in one hour

Sales price: 5700,00 €
nuovo starterkit web 1000px

Starter Kit with 60KV HV genetator for high volume production

Sales price: 7680,00 €

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