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Fibres from blends of epoxidized natural rubber and polylactic acid by the electrospinning process: Compatibilization and surface texture. Hits: 127
Industrial Upscaling of Electrospinning and Applications of Polymer Nanofibers: A Review Hits: 127
Effect of side-chain length on the electrospinning of perfluorosulfonic acid ionomers Hits: 118
PC12 neuron-like cell response to electrospun poly( 3-hydroxybutyrate) substrates Hits: 117
Multiscale characterization of antimicrobial poly(vinyl butyral)/titania nanofibrous composites Hits: 114
Core–Shell Structured PEO-Chitosan Nanofibers by Coaxial Electrospinning Hits: 112
The topography of electrospun nanofibers and its impact on the growth and mobility of keratinocytes Hits: 111
Shape-memory properties of degradable electrospun scaffolds based on hollow microfibers Hits: 111
High performance piezoelectric devices based on aligned arrays of nanofibers of poly(vinylidenefluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) Hits: 107
Novel routes to epoxy functionalization of PHA-based electrospun scaffolds as ways to improve cell adhesion Hits: 105
Polymeric nanostructured items electrospun on a cylindrical template: a simple procedure for their removal Hits: 105
Physical characteristics of poly (vinyl alcohol) solutions in relation to electrospun nanofiber formation Hits: 104
Electrospinning of Polyaniline: Effect of Different Raw Sources Hits: 104
Proliferation and skeletal myotube formation capability of C2C12 and H9c2 cells on isotropic and anisotropic electrospun nanofibrous PHB scaffolds Hits: 99


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